Looking into all sectors in our country Nigeria, I think the government should be more concern about Education and Electricity.

Now, let us look into the Education System; it is said that, “knowledge is power”. So in the absence of standard education system where citizens are enlightened, well-taught and equipped with proper knowledge, a country is not qualify to be called a great nation. For instance, America blessed with human resources is termed “A great country” because of her scientific and technological advancement which must be attributed to her high standard of education.

Here in Nigeria which is blessed with both natural and human resources, the situation is very pathetic. Fifty two years after her independence, Nigeria is yet to have standard Education system talk more of other systems. We spend billions of naira every year in importing equipments, electronics and other home appliances which invariably discourages creativity and productivity.

Primary education, the foundation of other levels of formal education is not encouraged in Nigeria; with dilapidated infrastructured and incompetent teachers. These deprive a child from experiences and lessons of primary education, making the child a social misfit.

Lack of adequate facilities has made the standard of education in Nigeria very poor because when students do not have access to all these adequate facilities, they are prone to be half-baked.

Government should look into education system by encouraging the primary school education; employing competent teachers, providing adequate facilities and if possible providing incentives for all bright students.

Every Nigerian grumbles over the failure of successive governments to provide them with electricity and government officials are quick at pointing out that Nigerians are impatient adding that ours is a Nation seeking to enjoy within a few years in existence what the developed countries got after hundreds of years.

It would appear that because government officials have ‘light’ most of the time, they hardly understand the common man’s unending pains of darkness. First, they are serviced by generators from our common purse. Second, virtually all of the little power the nation can produce is always given to those in the corridors of power.

For businesses to grow and also for maximum productivity and creat ivity, electricity is necessary. Due to lack of electricity in our country, many Nigerians cannot manage their businesses and this has led to high rate of poverty. In the local industries, goods are not produced in bulk because of irregular power supply.

Government should take the issue of electricity supply as a big challenge. Issues causing all these problems of irregular or no supply of electricity should be pointed out and resolved immediately. This will go a long way in developing our country and also improviding the standard of living of the citizens.

If the Nigeria government would give Prioritised Attentiont to Education and Electricity Supply, in no distant time, Nigeria would be compared to America, a technologically advanced country.

First Published: 2013.
Mary Deemor, 2014.
Author: Mary Barisi Deemor.



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